I first visited Yosemite at the age of 8 and immediately fell in love with the park. Living just down river along the banks of the Tuolumne we grew up exploring and learning about the park and the Central Sierra. In 2002 I started YosemiteBlog.com sharing tips and information, interesting stories, photos, videos and news about the park. After years of blogging I realized I was receiving a lot of the same questions from visitors and in 2010 I decided there needed to be a more structured guide for visitors and started Yosemite Vacation Guide.

I hope this site helps you plan your next trip to Yosemite to make it the most memorable vacation you’ve ever had. If you have a question you don’t see answered on the website or on YosemiteBlog.com please feel free to email me at loyd@yosemiteblog.com.